ⓒ Piergiorgio Sorgetti 

Tying wishes

7700 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL
5–10 DECEMBER 2023
WKND Lab’s exhibition at Alcova Miami will feature their latest project, <Tying Wishes>, within the Maedeup series. The name <Tying Wishes> draws inspiration from the Korean tradition of giving tied knots as a gift to convey good luck and fortune. The studio explores traditional knot-making methods on a grand scale, creating mega-sized knotted furniture and decorative items with added functionality.
The Maedeup series contains multi-functional furniture, decorative items, and lighting that showcases Korean traditional knot-making interpreted through contemporary design. Collaborating with a sewist with over 30 years of experience, WKND Lab utilizes sustainable, animal cruelty-free materials to create handcrafted, mega-sized experimental furniture. The Maedeup series embodies long-term sustainability and collaboration with masters of traditional crafts.
The highlight of this series is the symmetrical design on both sides, with no front or back division, mirroring the characteristics of traditional Korean knots. The Maedeup pieces, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, serve as versatile room decorations and functional furniture.
As Korean designers, WKND Lab aims to promote and display traditional art values beyond mainstream representations. <Tying Wishes> is a testament to their commitment to incorporating modern furniture design into Korean culture, making it more sustainable and approachable while preserving traditional craft techniques.


ⓒ Chris Force
ⓒ Piergiorgio Sorgetti 
ⓒ Piergiorgio Sorgetti 
ⓒ Piergiorgio Sorgetti 
ⓒ Piergiorgio Sorgetti 
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