Gon I, II, III

For LG 생활건강 새문안 58

Herbal medicine residues (Licorice, Astragalus, Cinnamon), Jesmonite, Offcuts of Trees (Hard Maple) 

120 x 120 x 300

Gon I, II, and III are objects that repurpose the remains of oriental medicine from the manufacturing process of LG Household & Health Care’s makeup products, as well as scrap wood

from woodworking of WKND Lab. The name “Gon” is derived from the Chinese character for piercing, which represents unity and connection.
Gon I, II, and III are carved in three patterns using two differ
ent materials and rotated around one axis to reveal their inner skin. The six-sided wooden block transforms into various shapes such as curved lines, straight lines, flat surfaces, and curved surfaces as a result of this.

The overall aesthetics conveys Korean spirits that can be
found in Korean traditional furniture and architecture which
are frugal and understated elegance. Not only has a meaning
of using scrap materials but also delivers the idea of unity of
nature and human being which can be a milestone for a lon

ger term sustainability.