ⓒJames Harris 

Depth of a Line


Villa Borsani
15–21 APRIL 2024

This collection is about connecting various dots of elements from every aspect into a line metaphorically. The name “Depth of a Line” encapsulates WKND Lab’s profound dedication to their heritage and culture. As myriad dots become a single line,  WKND Lab’s creative journey begins from a single point and expands richly.

In their previous exhibition at Alcova, titled “Tying Wishes,” WKND Lab drew inspiration from the Korean tradition of presenting tied knots as symbols of good fortune. They delved into traditional knot-making techniques on a grand scale, crafting oversized knotted furniture and decorative pieces imbued with practicality. Notably, their Maedeup series featured multifunctional furniture, decor, and lighting, a collaborative effort with a seasoned sewist boasting over 30 years of expertise.

At this year’s Alcova Milan showcase, WKND Lab introduces a new dimension to their project by incorporating lighting crafted using the ancient Korean Chil-bo(cloisonné) technique. WKND Lab elevates their artistry by collaborating with an enamel artisan steeped in three generations of practice. Additionally, working with an Ottchil and Mother-of-Pearls master, aged 77 and still practicing, showcasing their enduring dedication to their craft.

WKND Lab’s mission extends beyond conventional boundaries, aiming to champion and preserve traditional art values in contemporary contexts. “Depth of a Line” serves as a testament to their endeavor to fuse modern furniture design with Korean cultural heritage, rendering it both sustainable and accessible while honoring traditional craft techniques.

At the event, WKND Lab will also showcase 50 limited series of designer accessories featuring their signature knots at Alcova design shop. The knots vary in size and color, with each piece being unique.

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