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Halin Lee and Eunji Jun are the founders of WKND Lab – a design studio based in Seoul, Korea.
WKND Lab’s work field varies from material research, object, to furniture design. All with material-driven narratives to tell their philosophy about relationships between design, humans, and nature.
The studio pursues simple design that reflects the beautiful texture and color of the founded material. With their designed objects, they aim to introduce and deliver narratives into peoples’ lifestyles, suggesting not just esthetic but also sustainable alternatives.
Material for tomorrow, WKND Lab(위켄드 랩)은 ‘지속 가능한 디자인’을 실천하는 디자인 스튜디오입니다. 
디자인과 인간, 인간과 자연, 또 디자인과 자연의 관계에 대한 철학을 전하기 위해 소재 중심의 내러티브가 담긴 디자인을 추구합니다. 주로 동식물성 폐기물 중 충분히 쓸모가 있음에도 버려지는 것 전반에서 쓰임을 찾아 오브젝트로 재탄생시키는 작업을 하고 있습니다WKND Lab은 단순히 소재를 개발하고 디자인하는 것을 넘어친환경적인 삶을 논의하는 장이 되고자 합니다.
2022 LG Freshian up-cycling concept object
2022 Craft Trend Fair <Today’s Questions, Craft Answers> exhibition
2022 Design Korea <Mega Impact Design Trend s 2023 & Beyond > exhibition
2022 LEEUM Museum of Art <Cloud Walkers> exhibition
2022 OLIVE YOUNG  soap display unit design, production
2022 TOUS les JOURS  L’Atelier Headquarters display unit design, production
2022 DESIGN MIAMI / BASEL <The Golden Age> exhibition
2022 TOUS les JOURS  Jamsil Trizium display unit design, production
2022 TOUS les JOURS  Gyodae Station display unit production
2022 AMORE PACIFIC  Seongsu PB product production
2022 AMORE PACIFIC  headquarters eco-friendly material unit sample development
2022 DGDP (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Design Promotion) CMF ARCHIVE implementation advisory
2021 Stanford Center Incheon Global Center  ‘Circular Economy Symposium’ Speaker
2021 HANHWA Galleria <Right Earth> Exhibition
2021 Studio SOOYIM  Bio material consulting
2021 Studio HEECH  Seoul Maru Public Design Biomaterial Consulting
2021 DAELIM Museum of Art <Tong’s Vintage> Exhibition


23, Usadan-ro 4-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 04407, Republic of Korea
04407) 서울특별시 용산구 우사단로4길 23


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